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EXP 3 - The Image Captures and Architecture


The concept of this bridge was inspired by the wispy and feminine figure of Mirander Kerr. The two support columns that uphold the bridge with the suspensions are inspired by the upright, challenging and powerful Angela Merkel. The idea is to unify a sleek design that silently upholds with a strong power.

Aerial view of the bridge and studio facade compositions at dusk.

A close-up view of the slim support columns that uphold the load of the bridge with the suspensions.

View of Miranda Kerr's Office overlooking the waterfall. The curved planes that are rotated to form the roof of the office space is inspired by the feminine curves of her body. The curvy texture chosen further reflects on Kerr's character.

Interior View of Miranda Kerr's Office

View of Angela Merkel's Office. The facade of Merkel's office with it daunting angular edges is a personal reflection of her personality that I had discovered when reading about her. The pattern is also chosen as such.

View of Angela Merkel's Office from the bridge path

View of the foggy valley from Angela Merkel's Office. Though both Merkel and Kerr's offices are located just opposite each other, the composition of the facade and layout was designed as such that both faced away from each other to soak in the different parts of the valley.

EXP 3 - The Elevators and Dining Table

Aerial view of Dining Meeting Area in the fog at dusk. The shape of the platform was inspired by the movement of collision and unison. The dining meeting area was strategically placed under the bridge to further hold the support columns of the bridge together. As this was an important space too, I wanted to make it look like a diamond floating above water.

A close-up view of the dining table in bright daylight. The concept of this table is further developed from the dining-meeting area platform.

EXP 3 - Final Sketch Up Model and Components

Link to Final Sketch Up Model:

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EXP 3 - 36 Custom Textures

EXP 3 - 18 Sketch Perspectives

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EXP 3 - Mash Up of 3 News Articles

Diminutive in the imposing vastness of her office She replaced Gisele Bundchen as a Victoria's Secret angel in 2007. I can understand her rage. But as a result, I lost my sight. I was sent to a state school for the blind, but I flunked first grade because Braille just didn't make any sense to me. Words were a weird concept. . Now 55, Merkel, Germany's first Chancellor raised in the communist East, is the head of a democratic form of government and the guardian of individual freedoms that she was denied until her 30s. She outsmarted phalanxes of gray-haired, gray-suited machine politicians to set two other precedents, becoming the first woman to occupy the Chancellery as well as its youngest incumbent. ``My heart is definitely in the country and with nature,'' says Kerr, based in the US.

``Some of my favourite memories are with my cousin Rebecca and brother Matthew climbing the willow tree in my grandma's backyard. The fever went just as suddenly. But away from the paparazzi, Miranda remains a NSW country girl who's `all time favourite thing to do is cooking' for family and friends - organic of course - and climbing trees. Now, as the emboldened leader of Europe's most populous nation and most powerful economy, She replaced Gisele Bundchen as a Victoria's Secret angel in 2007, became the new face of retail giant David Jones a year later and now, at 26, is a household name worldwide. Being in that school was like being in an orphanage. But words — and in my case, music — changed that isolation. proved she could communicate in the world of sight and sound — and was able to speak to it and live in it. But what, exactly, does she want to do with her power? And how will she go about doing it?